the power of pain.

Pain is power. Pain is knowledge. Pain is life. The only escape from pain is death. Life can be painful. Physically, emotionally, spiritually – life can be draining. We are all just trying to survive. We are not promised happiness, happiness is a temporary experience. We can only ever be sure that we will experience life and death and also bear witness to life and death. Those around us will come and go. So many of us fear love. We fear ever experiencing happiness because we are all too aware of disappointment. People leave you, either on this earth or they close the door. To love is to be bold. It is to give someone the opportunity to break you whilst praying with your every being that they won’t. If I haven’t yet lost you in my ramblings, this post is for you, for the one seeking to find purpose in the pain.

There’s nothing worse than someone trying to console another. Searching for words to comfort someone, someone who they love or know. To see someone that they care for in pain brings them into a similar place, as if by osmosis. So they make promises. They promise that it will all get better soon. They avoid giving a specific time frame – a guaranteed way to avoid disappointment. They share their own experiences of when they too have been in so much pain, or when someone they know has been through this type of pain. Well-meaning but pointless. The thought of things getting better does not always make things better.

“To every thing there is a season…” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Ecclesiastes is probably one of my favourite books in the Bible. It shows Solomon on a search for purpose and meaning in life, it’s a book that I am sure many of us can relate to. In this particular chapter he speaks of every season having a purpose and an appointed time.

The power of pain is that we get to experience it and learn from it if we just take the time. It’s not always self-inflicted but regardless of the cause of the pain, if we take the time to accept that this is the season that we are in although it is not particularly the season that we want to be in we can grow and become a stronger person in the next season. Like leaves that fall on the ground and get trampled on, like the cocoon that sheds its skin, your perceived ugliness is a sign of growth.





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