I recently came across this video and it got me thinking about a few things.

I’m a person that can often allow how I feel in the moment to dictate what I do or do not do. Although I feel that this gives me the freedom to do what I want, I also feel like this is part of the problem. It’s not always about me. Especially since what I want, how I feel and how I would choose to act is not always what is right. Being guided by emotions often means that you are walking blindly. Willingly, blissfully unaware. Free but foolish. That’s why I love the advice that he was given by his friend Manny Ade, you often need to limit the things, thoughts and feelings that have control over you. It’s not necessarily about being unbothered, but only being bothered about what really matters.

I love Twitter. I don’t have Twitter atm but when I did, I was able to see and understand the appeal. Strangers interacting, becoming outraged and engaged by the same thing. Using minimal words and characters to express their truths. As a person who loves writing and reading, Twitter is very appealing. But it also makes you bothered about things that really don’t matter. It’s a community of well-meaning warriors, judges, prosecutors and all sorts.

So Twitter is my metaphor.


A metaphor for my mind and my very being. The mixed emotions, the analysing, the desperation to be liked and if loved, emulated in the form of a retweet. But herein lies the danger. Once you reveal the characters that lie within, you can’t take them back. Once you reveal your character, it gets hard to take it back. People lose their friends over Twitter, they lose their jobs over Twitter. In the same way, acting out in the moment, purely out of emotions can ruin you.

Life is more about feelings. As cheesy as it may seem, it is about living. Living out your God-given purpose, whatever it may be. It’s about loving everyone around you as much as you possibly could without breaking or sacrificing yourself. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who will pour words of wisdom into you. People who will let you know when you are slipping up and not being the best version of yourself. I honestly don’t think that there is such thing as a coincide. Everyone who you come in to contact with has been placed there for a reason. To teach you something about yourself, life, God, the world or whatever it is that you need at the time. This isn’t to say that all of these people will be good for you.

Last year I encountered a few people who although they were not good for me, were necessary. Necessary to teach me something about myself. About my limits. About my character. They made me realise that I have a habit of blaming other people. They forced me to realise the part that I play in the way that people act towards me. Without true friends around me to pick me up and point me in the right direction, who knows what would have happened. Although I was stubborn, I learnt my lessons.

I honestly hope and pray that anyone who is reading this understands the importance of not just praying for friends, but the importance of being that friend. The kind of friend that you are praying for. A friend who gives, loves, waits and stays.  A friend who is not afraid to rebuke. A friend who is there.


“One who has unreliable friends comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.’ – Proverbs 18:24


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