ode to ’17

The best can also be the worst. Well, at least it was for me. 2017 was probably one of my greatest years. I truly think that I was happy. I enjoyed myself. When I look back – socially, financially, professionally – I don’t have any regrets. I lost some people but I also gained some amazing new friends. I lived. I wouldn’t go as far as screaming ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’ but it was a good year. I cried. I laughed, but all in all, it was character building.  I was tested. Tested in many ways. I failed some and I think that I have learnt from those mistakes. I have hurt people this year and learnt how to apologise. I’ve matured and begun to own up to some of my shortcomings. I’ve learnt how to let go. Let go of people and things that most probably weren’t for me. I caught some serious L’s this year but those L’s weren’t what made the best the worst…

When I started this blog earlier this year, I did it with a clear intention. I wanted to be purposeful and focused. Focused on getting closer to God. This was going to be my outlet. I started on a slippery slope the year before and 2017 was meant to be the year where it all changed. I was going to be on my way back up. I had a few solid months where I think that I was getting closer to God. I began to find myself wanting to read the Bible more and pray more. I developed a thirst want for God. But slowly, it began to fade away. I started to get a bit bored.

I’d love to say that some of the terrible decisions that I made this year were a result of a spiritual attack or a result of the devil but I didn’t have a Job moment, I had a me moment. A me year. I became so focused on myself and what I wanted/wanted to do that I found myself walking away from God. I became numb to His voice and His promises and truth. So although it was probably one of the best years of my life, it was probably my worst year spiritually.

I pray that this is a great year for anyone who is reading this x



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