for the love of..

for the love of her father, young kambili was willing to do anything. deny herself. punish herself. go to extreme lengths to be accepted.

for the love of her husband, mama was willing to risk becoming a corpse. many miscarriages, broken dreams and broken bones. she polished everything around her because that was all that she had control over. make the mansion beautiful in spite of the chaos and havoc that is taking place inside.

for the love of his father, jaja was indifferent. misconstrued as a rebel without a cause, this young rebel risked death and solitude to protect the ones he loved. a selfish selfless sacrifice. but not a martyr.

for the love of the father, papa became a monster. a religious self-righteous monster. rejecting papa-nkukwu because he did not believe in his god. forcing confessions out of his family. creating fear. a big man. a boss in desperate need to save face not caring about the scars that he was creating within his own home.

for the sake of her family, aunty ifeoma created a safe space. a haven and a refuge. a widow. though her heart was broken, she knew love. she exuded love and refused to see any more suffering. she was independent but dependent. a heroine. her only shortcoming was that she knew how to give but not how to ask.


inspired by purple hibiscus, an amazing novel by the great chimamanda ngozi adichie



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