for the little black boy.

may you live and live freely,

may you have the freedom to dress freely,

move freely, breathe freely, be freely,

you’re more than a body or a corpse or a hashtag,

you are life,

a soul with the ability to experience eternity,

may your dreams never make you a target,

may your mother remember to pray away the prey,

may your hoodie not make you a victim,

or your walk a criminal,

you’re innocent,

but you will be viewed as guilty first,

you’re innocent and may your innocence never be taken,

but most of all, may you never have to relate to this,

but if you do,

i’m sorry.



One thought on “for the little black boy.

  1. ‘well maybe not the fortune’ that line alone says so much! Bless your heart for tellin’ it. Tell the world! The softer the voice, the lesser the noise!


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