it’s so easy to become complacent and forget that everything that is ‘stressing you out’ is what you once prayed for. the dreams you had. your hopes and aspirations. when you finally get close to realising them, the likelihood of becoming overwhelmed increases. what next? what comes next? when you get there you are bound to encounter your worst enemy. complacency. complacency might then introduce you to his friend self-doubt, who will surely want you to hang out with anxiety and fear. caught in a cycle. you want to do better but you just don’t know how. so you pray and ask for a way out. the way out appears but it becomes too difficult. it requires too much work. you pray for people to help you. the people come but you can’t stand their criticism so you decide to walk it alone. everything that you once prayed for is now what is weighing you down. you feel like you are drowning. you are struggling to stay afloat. you paddle because your breaststroke requires far too much energy and you don’t have the time to exert yourself. you feel like giving up. inches away from quitting…


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