negative honesty


I was listening to a recent podcast by Project 330 and it really got me thinking. At the end of the podcast, they began to address a comment about friendship and I feel like they hit the nail on the head. At times, we can accept negativity and criticism from ‘friends,’ under the guise of constructive criticism. But if it doesn’t come out of a place of love, what’s the point? This isn’t to say that we should just sit around constantly agreeing with each other because that isn’t love. But I feel as though as Christians, we are so focused on being ‘loving,’ and we want to be loved so badly that we accept a lot of putdowns from people who probably do not have our best interests at heart.

It really made me realise that I should be more intentional about my friendships and put more effort and prayer into them because friends shape you. They shape your character. Your thoughts. Your decisions and they mould you into who you are. Being surrounded by negative honesty can be soul-crushing, it can affect your mental health. So my prayer for myself and for anyone reading this is that you will be surrounded by people who can build you up without tearing you down.


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