confidence v. courage

When this video popped up on my YouTube recommended videos, I did not know what to expect. R.S. doing a TED talk. Ith mad. But I had to watch it. I’m am glad that I did. Not only was it funny but it was informative.

One thing that I’m sure that you’re all aware of is the topic of ‘typecasting.’

When was the last time that you saw Jim Carrey in a serious drama? I remember watching Adam Sandler in a drama recently and it just felt strange. I was waiting to laugh, but couldn’t. He’s the funny guy. Why wasn’t he given any funny lines?

So when Kayode Ewumi announced that he would stop appearing as R.S. although it was a shame, I could understand why. He is more than a meme or a funny guy, but an actor, writer and powerful performer. It wasn’t until I watched the talk that I realised that I had boxed him in. I went in with the expectation to be entertained rather than informed and I guess that is what made this talk all the more necessary.

Typecasting. Stereotyping. Preconceived judgements.

They exist everywhere. But in the same way that we do it to others, we do it to ourselves as well. We set ourselves limits. We enjoy comfort and safety. Our own perceptions of ourselves are our worst enemies. We believe that we know what we are capable of so we never try. We never branch out. We have the confidence but lack the courage.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure.” – unknown


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