my will be done.

There’s a beauty in rejections. Hidden behind the disappointment. Thinly veiled behind the tears, lies a story. A story of God’s protection, of His grace and mercy. As I pray, “thy Kingdom come, my will be done,” I am shocked when my plans fall apart. My life failing to resemble my imagination. But I am beginning to see every set back as a redirection. Like that Waze notification that tells you that they have found another route. So I turn left. I get out of the traffic and start to travel down unfamiliar roads. Stretching myself in to new territory. It’s not where I would have planned to go. But what would be the point of using a sat-nav if I knew how to get there?

So although it seems as though God is taking me in a direction that I did not plan on going, or even consider going. Although I find myself taking what feels like the long route, I find peace in knowing that I am avoiding those broken down cars, or roadworks, or accidents that were along the route that I had planned for myself.



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