the search

she was a cliche, a stereotypical millennial,

on a journey to find herself,

she left everything and everyone behind except herself.

she was lost before she started,

final destination: unknown,

but the beauty was in the journey, not the destination,

so she didn’t stop.

she hitchhiked her way around collecting souvenirs,

they had tied themselves to her soul,

she had no idea when she picked them up that they would be so hard to let go of,

they had animated themselves, creating a reel of memories in her mind.

she left everything and everyone behind except herself,

ironically, when she returned she was so weighed down with her new baggages that she was left with only a memory of herself,

of who she used to be,

the girl before the journey,


she longed for those days again, realising now that she wasn’t searching, she was running,

running away from who she is.

so now when asked for a review of her journey for all of those behind her,

those who long to take a gap year from the monotony of life,

from the faith which now seems to be an anachronism despite the reality of Christ,

she rates it with only 1 star🌟 ,

replacing regret with retrospect, she tells them to “find God, not yourself.”


“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul” – (Mark 8:36)


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